Daily Stat Problem (SOLVED)

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Daily Stat Problem (SOLVED)

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Hi All,

We have encountered an problem with the CCD daily statistics after installing the Soft Panel (OTCC Standard Edition)

OXE R9.1
Soft Panel on WIN 2008 R2
Got the WBI license ok under adm_acd

We have had the Soft Panel 5.9 running so far on an other server. (No problems with CCD daily statistics) I build a new server, all is working except CCD daily statistics!?
When I find the value in its empty, same goes for all the other CCD daily statistics.

I want to show CCD daily statistics on a pilot.

Any help or tips would be apriciated

Best Regards

RTI Connector:

; --- Maximum 30 filters
; --- Filter samples
; * = all objects
; A* = all objects name beginning by A
; A?B = all object name AxB, ...

; --- Objet type to monitor = FilterNameObjectType
; FilterNameObjectType = Pilot, WaitingQueue, ProcessingGroupAgent, ProcessingGroupOther, Agent
FilterNameObjectType = Pilot, WaitingQueue, ProcessingGroupAgent, ProcessingGroupOther, Agent

; --- CCD object name to monitor
; FilterRelatedObjectName = *NomAGENT_SK2*, VAYSSAC*, LEBLEU*, TOTO*
; To monitor PF : 2_GT2 et 2_GT1 => FilterRelatedObjectName = 2_GT*
FilterRelatedObjectName = *

; --- Names of the counters to monitor = FilterKeyValue
; FilterKeyValue = !WithdrawalsTotalDuration
; FilterKeyValue = AssociatedSet*, Withdraw*, PhoneState*
; FilterKeyValue = PhoneState*
FilterKeyValue = *

; --- Cacher les objets et supprimer les traitements de trace, par défaut True
HideMode = False

# WBM configuration file
# Created while installing version

#--Time between CCS connection and data subscription --------------

Update 29-8-2013

I got the problem solved. It was a missing IP adress or DNS name in the "afe.properties"

It is also clearly stated in the dokumentation. This is what happens when you got too many projects running and forget the small things :)

Best regards

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