Problem With OTS R10.0.8.2

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Problem With OTS R10.0.8.2

Post by mohamed-eid » 23 Jun 2012 11:47

Hello All,
I have installed the CCA server with the help of documentation and all applications has been installed right.
but when I try to launch the (Alcatel OmniPcx OTS manager) it gives me an error says that:

problem with OTS ! ( you don't connect on the OTS of administration)

I don't know what/where could be the fault?
note that, the version of the CCA server is R10.0.8.2

could any one help me???
Thanks and Best Regrads,
Mohamed Eid

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Re: Problem With OTS R10.0.8.2

Post by jasic » 11 Jul 2012 16:27

You must change 2 dll files when I remember rigth. It is describe in the install guide of CCA.

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