skinny application

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skinny application

Post by whistler_DUP » 01 Oct 2006 12:52

hello! we making demo for customers with OTUC installation. we have valid alcotuc.lic demo-keys. but we cant make skinny applications running. for example, we can activate Chat keys on iptouch, but chat is not running and sessions closed after time-out. i'm not experienced web programmer and not familiar with xml. anybody make test for skinny app's? were was difficulties for start them and correctly register on PRS?

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Post by cavagnaro » 06 Oct 2006 14:29

I have done those and my own apps and works fine. But i did had some issues with code delivered, i had to make some minor modifications for them to work, what exactly can't remember. Will try to check them again and see if i can find the code i modified.

you can use appview - l in OXE to see app's started.
Log of the apps are in the OTUC itself.

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