IP Touch XML Extended Services

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Hi Rens / Robert,

I now appear to be stuck with a similar problem, I've downloaded the various docs from the open api site but there doesn't appear to be any clear documentation on how to initiate a call. I am able to login to the directory on the Omni and generate a call using the one click calling function which appears to call a DoMakeCall function so I know it is possible to initiate a call.

Rens were you able to make this work as I'm trying to build a similar call by name application for our Intranet.

Many thanks


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Re: IP Touch XML Extended Services

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Hello Dave,

To be honest I've given up to build this Call-by-name application. But I my case I tried to initiate the call from within the XML application running on the phone itself.

As far as I can understand you want to initiate the call from an external server. This is something I've created for our CRM application. Is the problem still current?



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