OXE G.1503.23b and NICE logger using E1 ISDN NPRAE board

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OXE G.1503.23b and NICE logger using E1 ISDN NPRAE board

Post by johnson_tiam » 13 Apr 2009 07:21

Dear All,

Need advice and suggestion from fellow alcatelunleashed members regarding NICE logger system.
Currently we put the tap/multicoupler in between the telco and pbx (5 ports out of 8, licensed).
since customer expand their need from previous 5 to 7, we need a workaround to still able to achieve customer's need
(all conversation between agent and BDI's customer recorded, they have 137 agents at the moment, 150 licensed).
Is it possible if we change the multicoupler position to after pbx (behind).
what i mean is the pbx recieve 7 E1 ports from telco using NPRAE card and pbx distribute 5 E1 ports to
NICE system using another NPRAE cards.
what we try to do is we want to seperate IVR and agent, so that only agent-customer conversation recorded,
instead of all calls (including IVR, current configuration).
first, is it possible to do that or perhaps we have any other workaround to achieve it?
secondy, what parameters need to be set? on pbx side and others?
Please do advice
Many Thank's

Best Regards,
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