Problems understanding custom forms via "screen_def"

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Problems understanding custom forms via "screen_def"

Post by Xtra » 19 Apr 2010 11:02

This is my first post here and I am not too long with alcatel XML Webservice programming. Therefore please bear with me.
If I should have posted this in the wrong section, please move.

My application works fine using the default screens, therefore I know my setup can be considered "working" but Now I need some custom screens, like a screen with three input boxes underneath each other etc.

I have read the whole PDF Documentation, the XSD and managed to add a screen def in my "config" URL return value.
According to the doc "The Config XML file [...] contains all the data needed to access and register the application, like all of its URLs, the list of supported terminals, localized names, help strings and screen template definitions."
So I went and added the following element as the last element within the <body> element:

Code: Select all

<screen_def name="formTextX">
  <framebox name="app_frame">
    <prop id="height" value="5"/>
    <prop id="border" value="1"/>
    <textbox name="text">
      <prop id="valign" value="down"/>
      <prop id="mode" value="disabled"/>
  <listbox name="items">
    <prop id="border" value="3"/>
    <prop id="row" value="2"/>
    <prop id="circular" value="no"/>
  <timerbox name="timer">
    <prop id="visible" value="no"/>
    <prop id="mode" value="oneshot"/>
    <prop id="state" value="start"/>
As a first test screen (this is a direct copy of "formText" from "formsTemplate.conf" from the PRS config directory with only the name changed).
The PRS accepts this without errror and my application can be accessed.

I now have the problem of understanding how can I use the above described form type within my "normal" XML messages.
I tried via using it as "<formTextX name="foo">...</formTextX>" but got nowhere as the PRS insists that the element is unknown.

How can I make it aware of custom screen_defs? I know that it must be possible somehow, as it is written in the docs (see above excerpt) and I already have seen screen layouts by other companies that do not fit within the default screens.

Thanks in advance

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