Quick start on voice mails

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Quick start on voice mails

Post by streamfx » 20 Mar 2012 15:48

Is there a quick start on 8440 voice mail that is similar to what auditmevo did with 4645? I have the 8440 configured but need 400 some mailboxes. I have not done it before.

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Re: Quick start on voice mails

Post by Split » 30 Nov 2012 05:28

Hi streamfix

in the doc´s i find folling:

"The following paragraphs present the configuration of voice mail boxes one by one. Note that mass provisioning using csv files import, templates and filters can also be used. Operations are the same as for users. For more information, see: Mass Provisioning / Mass Provisioning with csv Files and Mass Provisioning / Using Templates and Filters."

i doesn´t try it but i think in the csv files there are a point where you set the vioce mail box for each user ..........

the first thing i would create a default user => then export the csv file => create or update your user => this shoud be work but since some time i get error if i import with more than 50 user so i split the csv files

hope it help
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