external backup for local storage

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external backup for local storage

Post by liberty1977 » 15 Mar 2013 16:34


As you know you can use an external server to store the backup message.

During the installation process, I indicated to the system that I wanted to use the server for the storage of voice mail and an external server (via an ip address) for the backup of the message.

Typically, I think that the folder /var/vms/backup is copied to the external server during the backup process (bru_start)

When I launch a manual backup, the local folder /var/vms/backup contain the .zip file, but on the external server, there is no /var/vms/ folder.

The local /etc/export file contain the good information.
the /var/vms is mounted when I check via the mount command.

The external server is a Redhat centOS.

If someone has an idea or maybe already implemented this solution, it could be nice.

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