Questions about Local Storage

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Questions about Local Storage

Post by jasb » 03 Dec 2015 10:36

Hi guys,

In my 8440 I use Local storage, all statistics and messages are stored in /var/data/ics-group/ngvm3

Inside I have:

- Folder statistics (Xml, Html and Csv)
- Folder Source with messages
- And many folders with an ID in this folders I have files named for example "20;00XXXXXXXXX;1449134656637;n;;8c7a877a-ab89-499b-91b5-6d6204786976

I don't know how it works but 20 it's ID from folder in source ? 00XXXXXXXXX it's the caller number but what is 1449134656637 ??

Because I need to found and keep a voicemail from an user. I can do this manually but I want to leave the possibility for users to do themselves can I ?

And last question :) can I backup the content from /var/data/ics-group/ngvm3 with a schedule ??


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Re: Questions about Local Storage

Post by Split » 08 Dec 2015 14:31

if I remember correctly this could be the name of the saved voicemail message (wav file) that the caller has left ....
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