Teamwork 9.1.0b6251 log files

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Teamwork 9.1.0b6251 log files

Post by au190 » 03 May 2013 03:27

Hi I woud like to see the sip Log but I can not find it.

In former version 8.5 the sip logs was under MONITORING -> Sip Logs. Here you saw all of the sip trace logs of the calls.

In this version I can see only

2 files and there is no logs.

Can I set somewhere in the admin to see here the logs ?

If I go to see what is in these log files I can not see the sip trace :(
In the CONFIGURATION ADVANCED SETTINGS SIP LOG LEVEL I set to maximum the log level , but I can not see the sip tracees .

Do you know where can I set the sip traceses and where can I set this ?

BR Robert.

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