New Feauters request

This is an ticket analyzing software for IP Tickets generated by your favorite PBX. If you have any question, feel free to ask Mr_Sven !
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New Feauters request

Post by ronste » 10 May 2009 20:05

I have tested ipview tool and it's very good.
What I am missing in the tool is the possibilities to select multiple ticket’s and get an answer regarding average packet loss, total RTP packet loss, total RTP Tx / Rx packet, max/min delay, average delay and max/min MOS value and average MOS value.

It would also be nice if the tool had a graphic view where we can see the day and time on an x-scale and other thing on the Y-scale.
You should have the possibility to choose what you want to see on the Y-scale like MOS value, packet loose, average packet loss, jitter or delay.
It will then be much easier to analyze when the customer has a problem in the network in a specific day's or time.

Now I must use Excel to do this.

If this option had been implemented in the tool will this save me some work since I then don't have to use the ipview command to extract the ip ticket to a CSV file and then import the file in to Excel for an analyze.


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