INTIP3/GD3/GA3 SD of death

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INTIP3/GD3/GA3 SD of death

Post by Krusty65 » 25 Jun 2015 02:54


You get a brand new shiny INTIP3, GD3 or GA3 card and it you hurry to a system to install some firmware on it and get it working.....

But when you fire up that wonderful bit of SW PC Installer and get all of the bits connected the upload fails at the end of the third file with a "Verifying Checksum ... Bad Data CRC" message :(

Don't despair, don't raise a e-SR (as you will spend three days trying to explain to the muppet at the other end of the internet that YOU ARE DOING THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM TC0521 AND THEY DON'T WORK (oops sorry for shouting)

What you do is the following.

Get the files off a working card and copy them onto the SD card of death from the board using a linux distro or ext2fsd (program that lets you read and write ext file system on windows) and stick it back in the board.

Boot the board and if necessary tell the board to boot from SD, allow it to boot up and then set PC Installer going with the correct options for your board as per TC0521

Reboot the board and get it to boot from Ethernet, this should now work ok.

Put shiny new board into the OxE and play away.

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Re: INTIP3/GD3/GA3 SD of death

Post by cavagnaro » 25 Jun 2015 12:44

Hahaha laughed so much with the puppet one... Did you plugged the board? Lol

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Re: INTIP3/GD3/GA3 SD of death

Post by tgn » 25 Jun 2015 16:39

^^ this is just... "the same procedure than every day" ^^
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Re: INTIP3/GD3/GA3 SD of death

Post by swinstu » 21 Oct 2015 07:01


Can someone please share the contents of working INTIP 3 working SD card as I have a dud I need to sort ASAP.
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