DLT0 - DDS1 Master

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DLT0 - DDS1 Master

Post by slaggi » 15 May 2013 14:31


I got a third party PABX which I'd like to connect to an OxO via a BRA board. Unfortunately, that other PABX doesn't support QSig, only DSS1 and I need
to simulate the network site for it ... I am aware of that I could use an S0 Terminal Adapter for that but well thats additional hardware and my client doesn't
really want that ...

did anyone ever tried this before ?

So far, I got both PABX connected, the OxO is configured with Qsig as a Master.
I have layer 2 up and a trace on call attempts from the other PABX into the OxO show me 'invalid call reference value' which I suppose is normal as Qsig Call-refs are
slightly different to DSS1 ... Call attempts from the OxO to the other system give me funny stack trace's, but this could be also a mistake in the ARS or Dialing plans ...

Is there any way to bent the Qsig protocol stack on the OxO to simulate a straight DSS1 or any other way utilizing BRA cards for that ?
years back a 4200 did this perfectly ...

Someone told me I should concentrate on ISVPN, but that doesn't help as I still can't configure the OxO as protocol master without QSig ...

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