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Room Master intergration - Part 2

Posted: 16 May 2012 11:01
by selectt
Looking for help as ive tried everywhere !!

Installed the latest oxo sw 8.1 and running a Hotel system.
Installed the latest OLD driver and ran the tests as per the technical bulliten, all relevant modifications made
auto detect to oxo - pass
started driver - green light - pass
ran oxo to driver test - pass - number of rooms logged in registered
ran driver to hotel application - fail
following message appeared -

Problem at reception of - connection message ACK


Problem at reception of -answer to check in ( when i carried out a wake up modification whilst the last test was being carried out)

Room master technician ran his application and trace and stated that he was getting an acknowledgement from something on the network, i assume the OLD, but the front of houses info never updated the OXO.

the messages appearing on the customers trace were :

connection to (pc where OLD was installed)
Rx:[STX] $0001[ETX]

Also modifications on the OXO were never modified on the front of house.

any help would be appreciated.

Re: Room Master intergration - Part 2

Posted: 20 Sep 2019 05:29
by sup_2019
How did you solve this problem?
I'm facing the same issue.