manager/assistant filter

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manager/assistant filter

Post by maxmania » 06 Sep 2017 18:19


<OXE R12>

I have a problem with the function manager / assistant filter.

I have 3 Bosses (100, 101, 102) and 3 assistant (200, 201, 202)
I have configure the the filters manager/assistant, 100 with 200, 101 with 201 and 102 with 202.
I have set the Unscreening key at the Bosses, and the assistant away at the assistants.
I have configured two set supervision at assistant 200 over the 201 and 202, and have done the same at the others assistants.
And everything is working well.

and the problem is.... the bosses have activated the Unscreening key, and one assistant is absent, the other two will receive the calls, but with the Unscreening key active, they are not allow the transfer the call to the Boss, because he is now her Boss.

is there any option at the Phone featrure COS to activate or deactivate, or any option at the assistant or boss ???

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Re: manager/assistant filter

Post by alexeik » 07 Sep 2017 03:15

look in the system documentation and look for "filtering table"
there you can manage who will get filtered... default is everyone exept the secretary.

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manager/assistant filter

Post by tgn » 07 Sep 2017 03:19

enhance the filter lists with the other assistants... or if it doesn't matter that the bosses can call directly each other create just one list with all the bosses and assistents.

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Re: manager/assistant filter

Post by vad » 07 Sep 2017 05:01

Or add more boss-assistant pair:
for boss 100 - create additional keys (assistant 201, 202).
The same for another bosses

But one question - assistant absent - just user absent and not respond or assistant press key "absent assistant"?

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