Firmware update of 8232 phones & connection dropouts

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Firmware update of 8232 phones & connection dropouts

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Hi everyone,

we're currently facing connection dropouts with the 8232 DECT phones of some of our customers.
Depending on the location we have about 8-20 IBS stations installed and 25-40 8232 phones connected.
We're running Enterprise R12.2 on all locations.

Some of the customers are complaining, that they either have connection issues or voice-quality issues when talking on the phone.
Sometimes they lose connection entirely and display the "No answer from the system" error message.

We've tried to update the firmware on the 8232 phones, which in some locations seemed to have helped, but in others it didn't.

Are there any DECT configuration issues that could cause such a behaviour?
Also, is there a way to update the phones wirelessly? We've been using a adaptor cable to plug them into our laptops and update them individually, which of course takes a very long time.

Thanks for the help in advance! :)

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