CPUe-1 cant start and rebbot

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CPUe-1 cant start and rebbot

Post by jcalvillo » 28 May 2013 13:18

Hi everybody i have a question about an old CPUe-1 it doesnt work, i did a fresh software load with lola (R510.018.004) it seems to succeed because i didnt have any error on it, but when i change the dip switch and start the cpu with the new software it doesnt work, i put a serial link to check the boot process
Aditional before the lola i changed a new 256MB ram, new HD and new CMOS Battery, just in case some of this were faulty
Someone can help checking if something is wrong in boot process?
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Re: CPUe-1 cant start and rebbot

Post by fe80 » 16 Sep 2015 08:12

remarkable are two facts:
1. the temperature

Code: Select all

THROTTLING: Critical local(BOARD) temperature set to 72 °C
            Critical remote(CPU)  temperature set to 92 °C
2. the system resets while accessing the real time clock (rtc)

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found nmi cause = WD
pIII_watchdog_timeout:writting reset_status in CMOS 0x8 at 0000001a
pIII_watchdog_timeout:resetting 28s timer...
Watchdog NMI occured...
it seems for some reason the CPU is unable to access the rtc and freezes trying this until the hw watchdog forces system reset. I wouldn't try to repair the board... recycle please environment friendly ;)

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