Registration problem, Dect 8242, OXO

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Registration problem, Dect 8242, OXO

Post by Alcatracer » 13 Mar 2019 06:17

Hi all,

I`m trying to add 10 extra alcatel 8242 dect, to a OXO IP-dect system.

I`m doing following:
• Add subscriber-> IP DECT -> OK

• Enter GAP-Reg on this user:

• Select the new DECT-phone, and enter register:

• At the same time I start up the telephone and enter pin code 0000, no park...
Then it start registering, and I also try to enter register on telephone central at the same time, but it will not register. As I remeber there should
be a access code during this registration? This dont show up.

I have upgraded to latest R10.3 version, but still no success.

Added some pictures.

Any idea what I`m doing wrong?
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Re: Registration problem, Dect 8242, OXO

Post by tot3nkopf » 02 Apr 2019 16:31

Software license limit reached? (20 authorized, 20 really activated?)

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