Upgrading Switch 6602 by Ominivista

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Upgrading Switch 6602 by Ominivista

Post by amel632 » 31 Oct 2013 21:17

Hello, I'd like to know what is the procedure for upgrading a 6602 Omniswitch that is on operation by Omnivista? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Upgrading Switch 6602 by Ominivista

Post by silvio » 01 Nov 2013 06:56

it should be the same like for all other switches (read UG).
Before begin it read the RN for the new SW. especally read the step from your current to the wished new sw and if you need new miniboot/uboot after the image update. Sometimes is necessary to make one between it (for upgrading miniboot...).

You need the zip-file. load this into OV (there is an icon at the top). Then mark this new loaded version and use the other icon. A wizard will start. go forward until message successful.
Than you can make a reboot from working (in topology windows). And at last copy working to certified.

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