OmniVista 2500 topology problem

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OmniVista 2500 topology problem

Post by roanwa » 12 Dec 2014 09:34

The topology on OmniVista 2500 is showing multiple connections between edge switches on the trunking vlan. There are no physical connections to support the view we are seeing so I am assuming it is a logical connection. Network isn't experiencing any downgrading or malfunctions. Curious if this a bug in OmniVista it self and if so is there a workaround for this. Thank you for the help.

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Re: OmniVista 2500 topology problem

Post by silvio » 20 Dec 2014 07:11

If you slide with your mouse over the link than more informations about the link will be shown. Switch Ports and source of link (AMAP or LLDP). Until 3.4 there is only AMAP supported.
Also you can check at your switches the neighbors with
show amap
show lldp remote-system
I have seen similar issues with devices from other vendors that are transport the amap protocoll transparently to an other alcatel switches. In OV it seems to be a direct link.

Or this is a static link: configured staticly in OV without real connection.


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