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Netwrking OXE r10 with R6 on ABC-F

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Netwrking OXE r10 with R6 on ABC-F

Post by rupeshmpatil » 03 Mar 2012 08:26

Dear all
i have a requiremnet wherin i require to integrate my my new alactel oxe r10 with r6 .I dont want to do the abbreviated dialling method for definfing network numbers .Please let me know that is the integration possible and if yes how.

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Re: Netwrking OXE r10 with R6 on ABC-F

Post by mustafa.ahmad » 03 Mar 2012 08:35

there is no compatibility between r 10 and r 6 , if you want to make integration using ABC-F .
but u can do the integration using Q-SIG, then u would need to use abbreviated dialing numbers.

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Re: Netwrking OXE r10 with R6 on ABC-F

Post by blupsy » 06 Mar 2012 09:34


How can I Config an ABC-F Link into a Q-SIG Trunk/Link?
I have a Network with 3 Nodes. N1-N2 and N1-N3.
N1 is R10 and N2/N3 R6.0.


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