6800-24 password reset problem

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6800-24 password reset problem

Post by keiskis » 31 Jan 2013 03:49


I'm trying to reset the password on a couple of old 6800-24 switches, but when I boot to the VxWorks prompt and try to change the boot parameters to get to the miniboot, I'm presented with an "i2cWriteEEPROM failed in sysEEPROMSetBootline" error. The same thing happens on both switches, but I don't think it's because of a faulty EEPROM. Could this be somehow related to the fact that the two switches were once stacked together?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I've been looking everywhere for an answer to this problem, but so far to no avail.

Here's a capture of the boot process (user input is marked in blue) :

Copyright 1984-1998 Wind River Systems, Inc.
CPU: Alcatel CMM MPC8245/396
AOS boot-ROM version:
Creation date: Jun 11 2007, 20:20:33

Press any key to stop auto-boot...
You have 4 seconds to confirm by entering 'y'...
[VxWorks Boot]: c

'.' = clear field; '-' = go to previous field; ^D = quit

boot device : flash0
processor number : 0
host name : lanswitchCmm
file name :
inet on ethernet (e) :
inet on backplane (b) :
host inet (h) :
gateway inet (g) :
user (u) : lanswitchUser
ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh) : lanswitchPassword
flags (f) : 0x0 0x1000
target name (tn) : lanswitch
startup script (s) :
other (o) : 0x0
serial (console) baud (cb) : 9600
serial (console) parity (cp) : none
serial (console) stopbits (cs) : 1
serial (console) wordsize (cw) : 8
serial (console) mode (cm) : modemControlOff

Storing the boot parameters to EEPROM. Please wait a few seconds...
i2cWriteEEPROM failed in sysEEPROMSetBootline
[VxWorks Boot]:


Sami Keiski
Apertas Solutions Oy

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