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OS6800-24L correct upgrade order

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OS6800-24L correct upgrade order

Post by karlm » 03 Sep 2013 06:36


I have to upgrade two OS6800-24L running in a stacked configuration.

Current Image (both devices):
Current Bootrom (both devices):

Can I update to Image / Bootrom directly or is it neccessary to
roll out an update sequence from current -> 5.3.1GA -> 6.1.2GA -> 6.1.3GA?

The document OS6800_AOS_6.1.5_Upgrade_Instructions.pdf states:

Also, you must have a Bootrom/Miniboot version of or later, and a
recommended build of or later on the switch you are upgrading.

Therefore I think I can do a straight upgrade to
Can anybode please confirm if this is correct?

Thank you for your help in andvance.


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