5620SAM not backup

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5620SAM not backup

Post by brokenz » 26 Mar 2012 14:41


I have problem with my sam server, I have around 80 NE manage by sam and did schedule backup at 02:00 AM everyday
Only around a 50 NE schedule backup successfully every 02:00AM, I saw per NE don't have any alarm and didn't backup everyday by sam
but when I try manual backup per each NE by sam, all successfully backup
Anybody knows what is the reason
I'm using R8V8

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Re: 5620SAM not backup

Post by DoobieHowserMD » 30 Jul 2013 15:06

Don't know if you still need help on this one, but what it sounds like is that your Backup/Restore Policy does not include all 80 NE's and only the 50 that are in fact performing backup's.

It would also depends on what NE's are not backing up and which are. Is every NE the same type, i.e. all 7750's? If they are different types [7750 or 7450 or 7705], then each NE type has to have its own Backup/Restore Policy. So if you had something like 50 7750's and then 30 7705's, you would need one policy for the 7750's and another one for the 7705's.

This is due to the software codes not being on the same level [4.0.R6 on 7705 or 11.0.R4 on 7750] as well as some of the CLI commands that work in the 7750 do not work on the 7705 and vice versa.

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