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ISA BOARD, AA Aplication Asurance

Posted: 20 Apr 2016 16:37
by dajo_87
someone could you tell me what are these licenses exactly:

3HE05144AA Identification only - per 1Gb/s increment. Not needed for first Gb/s. Per active ISA or per network license.

3HE05147AA Residential per-subscriber or VPN per-site control license - per 10Gb/s. Must use with equivalent capacity identification RTU. Per active ISA or per network license.

3HE05148AA Software license to enable use of the MS-ISA for IP Tunneling Applications (IPSec, GRE). Per ISA1 license.

3HE09117AA Multi-Service Integrated Services Module which could be used for AA, LNS, NAT, and Tunnel/IPsec applications

Thank you.