BOOT Error (313)

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BOOT Error (313)

Post by NathJam » 22 May 2019 06:01


Is anyone able to assist me?

I have a SAS-D 7210 that will not boot up or allow me to interrupt the boot process in order to reach config CLI.

This is the entire boot process:

Code: Select all

Alcatel-Lucent 7210 Boot ROM. Copyright 2009-2014 Alcatel-Lucent.
All rights reserved. All use is subject to applicable license agreements.
Testing ROM load area...done

Relocating code...Jumping to RAM

Performing second stage RAM test....passed

Board Serial Number is 'NS1646C0883'
Bootlog started for Version D-V-8.0.R3
Build V-8.0.R3 bootrom/mpc 7xxx
Built on Mon Nov 30 12:21:17 IST 2015 by builder in /home/builder/8.0B1/R3/panos/main

?Golden bootstrap has been requested
Attempting to load Golden Bootstrap image
Version L-8.0.R3, Mon Nov 30 13:00:55 IST 2015 by builder in /home/builder/8.0B1/R3/panos/main
 ERROR: Failed to decompress section text -- (313)
Tim loader failed

The options in CLI are:

Code: Select all

[Boot]: ?

 ?                     - print this list
 @                     - load boot.tim from flash disk and run
 %                     - load golden bootloader image and run
 R                     - full RAM test
 T                     - Manufacturing utility to format filesystem
 p                     - print boot params
 c                     - change boot params
 l                     - load boot file
 g adrs                - go to adrs
 d adrs[,n]            - display memory
 m adrs                - modify memory
 f adrs, nbytes, value - fill memory
 t adrs, adrs, nbytes  - copy memory
I have tried a 'T' manufacturing format of the filesystem but then when I try to load the system again it does the same thing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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