leaking between GRT and VPRN

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leaking between GRT and VPRN

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Dear all,

I'm tried to allow nfmp management through vprn but "grt-lookup" not supported.
could you please share if any way to allow GRT and VPRN leaks

A:CE1-OSS-CS-RAB-SOEC-SAS-T# show version
TiMOS-B-11.0.R8 both/hops Nokia SAS-T 12F10T 4XFP 7210 Copyright (c) 2000-2020 Nokia.
All rights reserved. All use subject to applicable license agreements.
Built on Thu May 28 15:06:50 IST 2020 by sasbuild in /home/sasbuild/11.0B1/R8/panos/main
A:CE1-OSS-CS-RAB-SOEC-SAS-T>config>service>vprn# grt-lookup
Error: Bad command.
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