SAS-E Ulink

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SAS-E Ulink

Post by Cakesmasher » 07 Apr 2016 01:44

How do I change uplinkA from 1/1/1 to 1/1/18.
When I change it shows new uplink port 1/1/18 when it boots up,but if I do a show router interface it still comes up as 1/1/1:2*

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Re: SAS-E Ulink

Post by thecandymancan » 10 Apr 2016 05:14

I'm not familiar with that particular model but I shall hazard a guess. What does your show bof say re uplink? If you saved it properly if altered during the boot then it should remain.
Also are you restricted from setting any interface as a router interface? I've never had cause to do it but can you not do:
conf router int p18
port 1/1/18
address x.x.x.x/x

Or can you only associate an interface port with one configured as uplink-a/b? Make sure the port 18 port is configured as network

I was under the impression uplink a and b were used for low touch, such as getting config via ftp over dhcp address and that kinda thing. Again, never really use 7210s much and I dont have one to test this on
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