Runtime failure iom3-xp on ESS

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Runtime failure iom3-xp on ESS

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Hello everyone, I'll try share this problem and hope get helped from you guys,

Oke. I found this problem yesterday, when my SAM generate some error at my iom3-xp card. The card reboot suddenly. There is information about the card

Code: Select all

Card 1
Slot   Provisioned Type                            Admin Operational   Comments
           Equipped Type (if different)            State State         
1      iom3-xp                                     up    up            

IOM Card Specific Data
    Capabilities                  : ESS
    Clock source                  : none
    Named Pool Mode               : Disabled
    Fail On Error                 : Disabled
    Available MDA slots           : 2
    Installed MDAs                : 1

FP 1 Specific Data
    WRED Admin State              : Out Of Service
    WRED buffer-allocation max    : 2500
    WRED buffer-allocation min    : 2500
    WRED reserved-cbs max         : 2500
    WRED reserved-cbs min         : 2500
    WRED Slope Policy             : default
    hi-bw-mc-srcEgress Alarm      : 2
    hi-bw-mc-srcEgress Group      : 0
    mc-path-mgmt Admin State      : Out Of Service
    Ingress Bandwidth Policy      : default
    Stable Pool Sizing            : False

Hardware Data
    Platform type                 : 7450
    Part number                   : 3HE03620AAAP01
    CLEI code                     : IPU3ADAEAA
    Serial number                 : NS1407F0683
    Manufacture date              : 02122014
    Manufacturing deviations      : (Not Specified)
    Manufacturing assembly number : 82-0107-13
    Administrative state          : up
    Operational state             : up
    Temperature                   : 52C
    Temperature threshold         : 75C
    Software boot (rom) version   : X-11.0.R4 on Tue Jul 23 12:27:33 PDT 2013
                                    by builder
    Software version              : TiMOS-I-11.0.R6 iom/hops ALCATEL ESS 7450
                                    Copyright (c) 2000-2013 Alcatel-Lucent.
                                    All rights reserved. All use subject to
                                    applicable license agreements.
                                    Built on Tue Nov 19 15:14:12 PST 2013 by
                                    builder in /rel11.0/b1/R6/panos/main
    Time of last boot             : 2014/08/08 15:12:07
    Current alarm state           : alarm cleared
    Base MAC address              : 00:d0:f6:f1:00:32
    Last bootup reason            : runtime failure
    Memory capacity               : 2,048 MB

When I see last bootup reason from the card, I found the card reboot because runtime failure, I want to ask why runtime failure can be happened?
The I try to looking for alarm generate on Log ID 99. then I found this.

Code: Select all

2893 2014/08/08 15:10:31.46 WIB MAJOR: CHASSIS #2003 Base Card 1
"Class IO Module : removed"

2892 2014/08/08 15:10:31.47 WIB MAJOR: CHASSIS #2016 Base Equipment
"Clear IO Module 1 failure"

2891 2014/08/08 15:10:30.27 WIB MAJOR: CHASSIS #2003 Base Mda 1/1
"Class MDA Module : removed"

2890 2014/08/08 15:10:30.26 WIB MAJOR: CHASSIS #2001 Base Card 1
"Class IO Module : failed, reason: Reported internal hw error"
The alarm reported there is an Internal HW error? Is it runtime failure kind of HW error? Please help me to find out the answer about this problem.

Thanks so much
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Re: Runtime failure iom3-xp on ESS

Post by lo0 »

If the hardware can't recover from an internal hardware error, you'll have to RMA it.
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