pchip parity error

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pchip parity error

Post by mdnazri » 22 Mar 2011 23:15

hi all,
we've encountered below message in the 7450 ESS log, appreciate somebody cld xplain the meaning and how it affect the service or operation of the network element. thanks

336048 2011/03/23 09:30:19.93 MAL MINOR: CHASSIS #2063 Base
"Slot 3 experienced a pchip parity error occurrence on complex 1"

336047 2011/03/23 09:26:19.93 MAL MINOR: CHASSIS #2063 Base
"Slot 3 experienced a pchip parity error occurrence on complex 1

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Re: pchip parity error

Post by tristaver » 28 Aug 2011 18:01

try reload
try remove and put back IOMs
call support
they will ask you do same steps again and send reports
then do RMA

(you can try other Timos too)
similar problem happend when in description was text " - " or similar. router didnt load whole config.

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Re: pchip parity error

Post by asav » 14 Jan 2013 06:05


We also fight with this problem for several years. Card restart ('tools perform card power-cycle', or resit) cures the problem. Usually Alcatel agrees to replace it.
This problem can be vary painful, especially when tv mcast traffic flows through this card. But Alcatel cannot resolve this problem for us for five years.

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Re: pchip parity error

Post by KirkwoodCR » 25 Dec 2013 11:30

Usually this means the on-board memory is experiencing an error. It can or cannot be service impacting depending on if the service uses that memory segment that's affected. The Three R process is the recommended method, reset, reseat, RMA. If I may ask, what is the device impacted? IOM? MDA?

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Re: pchip parity error

Post by thekotaksampah » 23 Mar 2016 08:01

We found same here. Qchip happening, event there is no port integrated. The integrated not successfully after we clear card the module. This happened in XRS router. Any Hardware issue about it?

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Re: pchip parity error

Post by mivens » 07 Apr 2016 05:15

It's the same procedure as PChip errors.

If it's the first time it's happened on that card and the errors aren't incrementing, monitor.
If the errors are ongoing, power cycle the card but bear in mind if it fails its power on self test, it may not come back so you might want to do this in a maintenance window possibly with a replacement card ready.
If that doesn't fix it, try re-seating then replacing the card.

You have the option of configuring "fail-on-error" if you would like the card to be shutdown automatically if these memory errors occur. This may or may not be appropriate depending on the redundancy in your network.

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