[ASK] Hardware Failure

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[ASK] Hardware Failure

Post by thekotaksampah » 29 Jun 2014 23:35

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my IOM3-XP when the first time I insert that module. The module unprove suddenly, when I checked log id-99 I found this once:

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28631 2014/06/25 03:35:00.97 IND MAJOR: CHASSIS #2001 Base Card 3
"Class IO Module : failed, reason: Software detected a failure"
Then I tried to re-seat the card, for a while it can solve the problem, Until then the module failed again, and generate in log-99 below like this:

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28874 2014/06/25 14:46:46.17 IND MAJOR: CHASSIS #2001 Base Card 3
"Class IO Module : failed, reason: Failure during backdoor bus transfer"

Could you helpme to solve this problem..
According to me, I think the problem maybe TiMOS corrupt or Hardware slot failure.

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Re: [ASK] Hardware Failure

Post by mivens » 04 Aug 2014 03:24

The Active SF/CPM verifies the health of other cards (IOMs & the standby CPM) by polling them via the Back Door Bus (BDB). If a card fails the heartbeat check, the Active SF/CPM will generate a BDB failure. The hardware watchdog will eventually time out and reset the card.

If it keeps happening on the same card then you should suspect a hardware failure with that card.

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