* Mark cannot dissapear after save

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* Mark cannot dissapear after save

Post by srikandiduduk » 08 Jul 2015 02:13

Hi All,

Anyone know why star mark (*) not dissapear after I do admin save/bof save ? The saving proccess is completed.

*A:ABC# admin save
Writing configuration to cf3:\config.cfg
Saving configuration ... OK
Syncing configuration:
boot option file : cf3:\bof.cfg ... OK
primary config : cf3:\config.cfg ... OK
primary config : cf3:\config.ndx ... OK

Thank you

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Re: * Mark cannot dissapear after save

Post by Stoffen » 03 May 2016 15:09

I've seen this on systems running LI (Leagal Inspection).
Not sure why, as I have not had the opportunity to troubleshoot it.

I have also seen it on chassis that had some strange behaviour. Reboot of the node cured those.

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Re: * Mark cannot dissapear after save

Post by mivens » 06 May 2016 04:45

There are a couple of resolved bugs that might be relevant depending on what software/features you are running:

An asterisk (*) indicating a configuration change no longer appears at the CLI prompt after an L2TP session is established or deleted.

A VRRP state change in a routed VPLS will no longer cause an asterisk to appear before the router prompt as if a configuration change had occurred.

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