trying to boot up new 7750

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trying to boot up new 7750

Post by john_gabe » 07 Jan 2016 02:34

HI guys
im trying to boot up new 7750 but getting this error
A:icc-11-0:ICC:iccKillUnrespPeers Id 30, Seq 1, Sock 1, Unicast, Ptr 0x7f144650: Socket SYNC Failed unicast transaction. Slot 12, Mda 0[001 m 06/28/15 19:26:10.634] A:icc-11-0:ICC:iccKillUnrespPeers Marking slot 12 mda 0 as FAILED

What i have done is ...

- Copy new TIMOS into CF insert it into CF3
- boot it , and primary card is booted by the new TIMOS 12.0R7
- try to run "admin redundancy synchronize config " but failed
- try to synchrinze boot file with command "admin redundancy synchronize boot-env " again failed
- admin reboot upgrade active failed
then admin reboot upgrade it worked but again the 2nd SFM card is not coming online but all the lights are on (one thing which i noticed is that timing LED is amber / blicking on both while based upon my past experience standby card's timing LED should be stable .

here is out put

Card Summary
Slot Provisioned Type Admin Operational Comments
Equipped Type (if different) State State
1 (not provisioned) up unprovisioned

10 (not provisioned) up unprovisioned
A sfm3-12 up up/active
B sfm3-12 up down/standby
(not equipped)

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Re: trying to boot up new 7750

Post by mivens » 24 Feb 2016 10:42

None of those admin redundancy commands will work until the SF/CPM3 in slot B has boot successfully and doesn't sound like it's getting that far.

Take a look at the output from the console for the SF/CPM3 in slot B as it boots. You may have a hardware problem with the CPM in slot B.

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