BGP peering redundancy with BFD configs

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BGP peering redundancy with BFD configs

Post by Xiang556 » 15 Mar 2017 22:26


our network is multihoming to two upstreams with two bgp sessions configured to the other 2 providers' networks for redundancy when one bgp fails, traffics go through the other. We have had an incident when traffics to one bgp dropped to zero but the bgp session was still established/up. and traffics were not auto-rerouted via the other bgp. i had to manually shutdown the problem bgp and did a hard reset on bgp protocol to be able to re-route traffics to the single bgp peering that was still working fine.

Please let me know if configuring bfd on bgp sessions could have auto-rerouted the traffics when problem like this happen considering that the problematic bgp session was still up but no traffics going through


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