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Post by exciscoguy » 03 Nov 2017 13:27

Newer to working on Alcatel IPD gear after ~20 years of Cisco and really stumped.

I am trying to grab the ip address and associated MAC (i.e. ARP table) for the entire router.

I am trying the ipNetToMediaPhsyAddress Oid ( and getting the base router instance just fine. I can't seem to find a MIB
that will get it for every VPRN either all at once or per VPRN with multple walks.

Anyone ever tried to do this? I'm planning on walking the entire enterprise MIB and see if I can ferret it out but was hoping for a shortcut from someone who might have gone through this.

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Post by mivens » 22 Nov 2017 10:33

The IP addresses on the interfaces can be found by walking TIMETRA-VRTR-MIB::vRiaIpAddress
The MAC address on the interface is in TIMETRA-VRTR-MIB::vRtrIfPhysicalAddress

I'm not aware of a way of getting the ARP cache for each VPRN interface via SNMP for things like dynamically learned entries.

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