7750 SR-1 as a BNG question

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7750 SR-1 as a BNG question

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I am planning to make a 7750 SR-1 as a BNG. Can anyone help with the hardware requirements? especially regarding the multiservice ISA card.

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Re: 7750 SR-1 as a BNG question

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You don't need necessarily an ISA for BNG. Unless as part of the service you need to do NAT/IPSec tunnel termination/LNS etc. For things like regular termination of PPPoE subscribers it's not needed. I don't believe there is an ISA card for the MDA-e-XP slots of an SR-1.

It's then a matter of you undertstanding your scaling requirements (such as bandwidth, number of subscribers, number of queues per subscriber etc) and whether the hardware limits of the single IOM-5e embedded in an SR-1 are enough for you.

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