7750 SR1-e IES - 7210 SAS-S Epipe qinq

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7750 SR1-e IES - 7210 SAS-S Epipe qinq

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Hi All,
coming from a juniper background and adapted Nokia so please excuse the daftness.
What i am after is to find a way to have a qinq sap on 7210- mpls lsp to 7750 where i have an IES with just an L3 interface.

in Juniper we have something like
mx router
int xe* - unit 100 outer tag 100 inner tag 10
family inet address
unit 200 outer tag 100 inner tag 20
family inet address and so on--
||||| Carrier||||
vlan 10 : address
vlan 20 : address

carrier do qinq and hand off all the customer traffic on our MX tag 100.

Need to have a similar setup - which will replace MX by 7750 sr-1 and carrier device by 7210 SAS.
Diagram attached to illustrate.

Topolgy: 7750--------DF link-----(RSVP-TE)-------7210-SAS========CPE
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Re: 7750 SR1-e IES - 7210 SAS-S Epipe qinq

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is it mandatory using qinq in your set up since your Sr-1e and SAS-S running MPLS and you already use pseudowire tunnel towards SAS with VC:100?

So in your 7750SR1 will have two interfaces using IES service and these IES interfaces will have spoke-sdp (pseudowire tunnel) towards SAS. in SAS what service you plan to deploy? is it L2VPN VPWS or VPLS?
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