mess lsp-exp between two MPLS-RSVP tunnels.

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mess lsp-exp between two MPLS-RSVP tunnels.

Post by jorgeopinto » 11 Apr 2018 11:53

Hi Guys,

I Have been searching on the web and Alcatel docs but so far didn't got any answer for an abnormal lsp-exp behavior, "I supose" :P

So let me try to explain the situation:

from an MPLS-LDP tunnel all traffic in lsp-exp BE out-of-profile is delivered in a source MPLS-RSVP lsp-exp out-of-porfile as well, and if there are no remarketing in de middle, sap-egress and ingress look normal because delivers what inherited from ldp (out) delivers in RSVP (out).

The problem is if I receive out-of-profile from MPLS-RSVP and delivers in MPLS-RSVP in same PE 7750, same VPN but different site location, put all traffic in IN-Profile, and I believe should put out-of-profile as well. Otherwise, it will overlap sites, the same VPN that come from MPLS-LDP.

All configuration rules are equal camming from same network interface QOS and no remarking in the middle.

Does anyone know something about this?


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