Phone identifier not unique and wrong user logs on

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Jan Aeschlimann
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Phone identifier not unique and wrong user logs on

Post by Jan Aeschlimann » 13 Mar 2019 05:40

We're rolling out softphone to about 600 users. Normal desktop modus ( ACD-Modus NOT enabled).
Latest version IPDesktopSoftphone_11.1.23.msi is installed on the personal laptop of the employee.

Because the laptops are used with Ethernet and sometimes WiFi the option 'use same phone identifier' is enabled.

But we encounter the problem that after installing, the IPDesktopSoftphon software on laptop A an identifier is show (example ab:7e:be:44:00:01)
Then a bunch of installations later on another laptop the software generates the same identifier (example ab:7e:be:44:00:01)

The result is that in omnivista the identifier is stored in the TSC IP USER / Therminal Ethernet address ab:7e:be:44:00:01 as USER1. And therefor when USER2 on laptop B opens the Ip softphone, the identifier is checked in omnivista and USER1 is logged on by accident.

Does anyone recognize this behavior or have a possible solution?

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