IP Desktop Softphone over VPN

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Re: IP Desktop Softphone over VPN

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fliegerswahn wrote: 02 Jun 2020 08:16 ....to anyone who claims to be smarter than me :)))
need your help!!!!
Thanxx for quick responding!

Alcatel OXO R22/009.002, Softphone R0.01.11

Softphone to Softphone > no problem
Extern to Softphone via VPN > no problem
Softphone (VPN) to Softphone (VPN) >phone rings, connection is made but impossible to speak or listen to each other.
I have exactly the same issue with a cisco ASA vpn. when both softphones are connected to the same vpn gateway the call is established but cannot hear anything. Both are in the same subnet and can ping to each other so no routing issue. Any hints for what to check? Thanks
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