Omnivista 4760i - Does not load the login window

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Omnivista 4760i - Does not load the login window

Post by Inspiration101 » 10 Nov 2016 12:18


I am able to login to the PBX on a server which is getting retired shortly. I login via web browser to its IP address with no issues.

I have a new computer I am trying to get the same access on. I have the old versions of java installed just like the server and the only real difference is the browser - The server uses IE8 and the new computer IE11. I have set the new computer to compatibility mode and also added the IP as a trusted site. I have checked all the settings for both Java and IE to ensure they are either identical or similar. But still the new computer gives a connection failed message within an applet window.

Someone suggested I needed to install additional software on the new computer but I see nothing extra installed on the working server. I have been around the web and forums but with no success it is time to seek out the professionals !

Any ideas ? :)

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