Omnivista in restricted mode

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Omnivista in restricted mode

Post by Dgiacometti »

Hi, I'm from Argentina an newbie on this.
The previous administrator is dead and no documentation of passwords of AdminNmc.
Only password of user "Administrador" (confidentiality green), this user previously goes Ok.
Server and Client Release: 4760.
Delaration Node: "F00100B5 Legislatura"

I'm facing this error in Omnivista 4760.
"Declaration node: The server takes a long time without cheking its license in relation to the declaration node"
and goes to Restricted mode

Ping Ok (Default Gateway:, Ip from server: Name server:Omnivista)

I've followed all the steps as indicated (TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION No. TCV062)
(Run 4760/bin/ntsvcexClient.exe with complete synchronization)
Trying with IP Number and Name of server.
but still no luck

i attach the log of last complete synchronization (Failed attempt-NMCSyncLdapPbx_2.log)

"[4/4/2017 1:21:15 PM] 5860 SyncLdapPbx: pbxDn:SubnetworkNodeNumber=101, SubnetworkNumber=1, NetworkNumber=1,o=nmc
status_sync : autentification_to_the_pbx_failed"

Last Partial synchronization (Failed attempt-NMCSyncLdapPbx_1.log)
[4/25/2017 2:01:37 AM] 5052 SyncLdapPbx: pbxDn:SubnetworkNodeNumber=101, SubnetworkNumber=1, NetworkNumber=1,o=nmc
error : autentification_to_the_pbx_failed
and text of license file (nmc.license.txt)

Your help will be much appreciate. Thank you!
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Re: Omnivista in restricted mode

Post by cavagnaro »

Ask your PBX guys if they changed the adfexc ftp user password

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Re: Omnivista in restricted mode


As Cavagnaro said can you check the ftp with OXE is happening with the user name adfexc

Can you refer TCv039 most helpful to fix this issue

Also you can provide the logs from the directory to find exact issue


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