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Newbie & My IC Phone 8082

Posted: 14 Feb 2013 16:39
by Mutation

i'm a newbie... and i try to setup my new wonderfull omnitouch 8082 :)
I will use it with my Asterisk PBX (thanks Frank) - and i have NO other Alcatel Infrastructures (OXO, Hotel licence).

While booting i have the same error like in this post -> viewtopic.php?f=374&t=20034&hilit=8082

I've tried to set a static ip but i can't access via ssh nor via http/https.

If i try to start it in demo mode i can see all info, all settings, but the phone isn't connected :(

Here some Informations:
Version: R200.01.025.2
Phone model: VHE
SW Version: OT8000_E_12_1_2011-05-1

I've installed the My IC Phone SDK but also here i have no way to connect it to my phone...

Please help :?
Thank you in advance

My IC Phone 8082 Mode

Posted: 12 Nov 2014 00:33
by sunatsky2015
We are facing some issues on MY IC Phone 8082
while trying to take it back to Business mode.Now the phone is in NOE mode.

Re: Newbie & My IC Phone 8082

Posted: 13 Feb 2015 10:44
by frank
Can you log your web server, and see what files are downloaded ?
Does it download the profile.xml file at least ? If yes, you could turn on SSH and look at the logs directly into the phone.

Re: Newbie & My IC Phone 8082

Posted: 18 Nov 2018 02:19
by dwadealltheway
Hi, Is there anyone who made this work? I am also task for the same making the My IC Phone 8082 to register on Asterisk. I don't have any Alcatel infrastructure. The SIP settings to configure the SIP extension and the SIP address were greyed out. Hope someone can help. Thank you.

Re: Newbie & My IC Phone 8082

Posted: 18 Nov 2018 10:31
by cavagnaro
Again, please, search the forum about how to load the SIP binary

Re: Newbie & My IC Phone 8082

Posted: 19 Nov 2018 08:15
by frank
I could not find the post, where is it ?