How to know ingress source port

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How to know ingress source port

Post by ranggath_79 » 12 Feb 2018 00:05

Hi All,

I'm a newbie here.
I have a case. We recently did QoS policy configuration in my OS 6450 switch, in which i limit my QoS policy of ingress/egress traffic at 10MB/5MB respectively. My question is how to identify the already limited ingress traffic in source port from egress (destination) port to show to my client that the QoS policy have been implemented and able to show its source port? (for example: ingress traffic in port 1/1 coming from egress traffic 1/24, i implement ingress max bandwidth rule to 5 MB, and I want to be able to show to my client in egress port 1/24 that the traffic egressing to 1/1 doesn't exced 5MB)? Please help..

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