SIP gate for OXE with CNAM compability

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SIP gate for OXE with CNAM compability

Post by krzysioD » 06 Feb 2018 02:06

Hi Guys,
anyone has installed with success any kind of gateway (DSS1/EuroISDN on OXE's side, sip on the other) - gate that does the job with:
Display: John Simith

to FROM: <john smith> ?

many vendors have some standards, but well - maybe some kind soul will share a success? Dont want to go into a alu and other vendors dialog.
do i need to look into every IWR and check for cnam?
Please note that at no time I will provide you with OXE/4400 nor AOS releases.
Note that it's our private time, that we spent to help you, so please don't expect complete solution for your problem.
You will need to do homework by your self.

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