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Sufficient Licenses

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I'm not an Alcatal professional myself but I've helped out my company to setup everything needed.
ATm though I'm conifdent we are lacking VoIP licenses to keep everything well running.

I'll explain the setup we have to clarify:
On site A I have an OXO with local IP clients and IP DECT.
Next to this I have 5 remote sites which all use a self maintained VPN connection on which also reside IP phones.
I have 8 possible external lines but only 9 VoIP channels.

According to one of the integrators I should see it as such that when I use those 8 outside lines I'm alos using 8 VoIP channels unless they are coming from site A itself because these have direct access to the OXO.
Also when I chat between site B and C (which are on a different subnet) I'm using per call a VoIP license?

AM I correctly assuming this all?


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