APPLE´s Devices can´t dowload APPs.

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APPLE´s Devices can´t dowload APPs.

Post by aflores » 21 Mar 2014 12:22

Hello friends.

I got some issue at the compañy with APPLE´s devices (IPADs, IPHONEs and IPODs).

The issue is that, all this kind of devices can correctly login tho the WiFI, so it can navigate throug internet without troubles.

The issue is that, any of these devices can not dowload any aplication trought the AppStore.

Me, for example, I have and Iphone5, and at home I have a Wifi conection. If i try to download Apps from App store or any other site, I can download without any trouble BUT if in the Office y try to download Apps from Appstore or any other site I can not download Anything.

At the office we have ALUs DATA Solution implemented (OMNIACCESS 4304, APs; OMNISHITCHES and Fortinet).

I Will appreciated any Hint wich can help me to solve this issue.


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Re: APPLE´s Devices can´t dowload APPs.

Post by cavagnaro » 21 Mar 2014 14:19

Remember has to do with firewall ports. Check on internet. It is very well documented.
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Re: APPLE´s Devices can´t dowload APPs.

Post by enio.eltz » 21 Mar 2014 14:44

Hi aflores

I am not expert in Alcatel data gears, but I think it is very clear that a device is denying download in your office. As you told, in your home you can do it. Maybe some trace in data gear may help you to check out the issue.

Best regards.
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