8770 on server with twin nic's

This application replaces the OmniVista 4760
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rob b
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8770 on server with twin nic's

Post by rob b »

Hi all hope everyone is keeping well during these times.

I need some advice , I need to install a 8770 on a customers server and they have 2 nic's , one for voice lan and one for data lan.

The last time i did this with 2 nic's was on a 4760 and I remember there was an issue and something had to be done on the server or during the 8770 during installation so the correct nic is picked up but I just can't remember its been so long.

Can anyone offer any advice ?

Many Thanks
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Re: 8770 on server with twin nic's

Post by frank »

Hi -

I think nowadays with 8770 you can have two nice without issues.
As long as your server knows what Nic to use depending on the ip routing, you should be fine..
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