8770 v4.0 - Disable HTTP(S) web directory

This application replaces the OmniVista 4760
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8770 v4.0 - Disable HTTP(S) web directory

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Hi guys !

I am using your lights in order to disable the SSL (HTTPS) consultation of the 8770 directory (v. 4.0) via the Webclient.

I scratched a bit in the file "\8770\data\Apache2\httpd.conf" to disable all HTTPS redirects and the "Include" which points to the httpd-ssl.conf and it works we'll say halfway, I explain myself.

Once these parameters commented and services restarted, I get the directory of the 8770 on port 80 (HTTP) via http://@8770/php-bin/WebClient.php. The directory tree appears correctly but when I search for a user, the 8770 tells me that the entry does not exist. While when I'm in HTTPS, I have the result of my research.

I also tried to disable the TLS via the tool "ToolsOmniVista" but without success.

Would you have an idea friends?


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