open Trunk Configuration

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open Trunk Configuration

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Hi there,

i am completly new to the Omniswitches. My issue is with "open" Trunks, as i call them in the Cisco World. I want to have a Port that accepts all incoming tagged frames.

In Cisco my config would be:
Interface Ethernet0/1
switchport mode trunk

On the Omniswitches, i have to tell a port, that a certain vlan is used "tagged" in order to process it. Is there any command that allows me to accept all incoming tagged traffic. Of course only for VLAN's that are locally configured on the switch.


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Re: open Trunk Configuration

Post by silvio »

no, at Alcatel switches you have to tag all the vlans.
But at R8-Switches (so at 6900 too) at UNP-Bridge ports all tagged traffic is accepted (default "tag trust"). LAG as UNP is possible.

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